About Us
Who We Are
At Ceremonies Unlimited we often say we have the best job - we are part of some of the most joyful days in people's lives and it is such a great feeling to share in that!  And although a celebration of life is an acknowledgement of loss, it's also an expression of love not only for the person who's gone but also for those who are still together and we're honoured to be witness to that.

We also believe in providing our clients with the best service we can - from the moment you book through to what to do after your ceremony or service. Our goal is to make your life event as easy and stress free as possible so we provide help with planning, sound systems, finding vendors ... even assistance with finding a venue if you need it. If you've got it all figured out that's fantastic!  But if you need a little more support we'll be there right by your side, every step of the way!

We're licensed to perform wedding ceremonies in Ontario through Humanist Canada, see their website to learn more about Humanism.
Photo credit:  Rutth Stenson Photography
Peter Norman

Peter brings a wealth of public speaking experience to your life event: he's worked in the theatre as an actor, director, writer and producer in the UK and his native Canada; in the movie business as a VP of international sales and marketing; and as the manager and promoter of a live entertainment venue.  He also works as a business and executive consultant, public and keynote speaker and is a regular radio guest.  Peter is expert at putting people at ease and will help you share your life event in a relaxed and joyful way.

Jennifer Baird-Norman
With years of experience as an event and wedding planner, Jennifer knows exactly how to help her clients design the perfect ceremony.  She can help you create a ceremony or service which reflects each person's unique character, mixing traditional and non traditional elements, and combining individual ideas into a unified whole. With a calm and relaxed manner, she provides people with comfort and confidence, ensuring your event will be memorable and heart-warming.
Erin Vretteas

Working full-time in the health field and parenting two young children with her partner of six years (married by a Humanist Officiant!) keeps Erin active. Always on the lookout for opportunities to meet new people and try new adventures, a desire to help others create beautiful life memories inspired Erin to pursue officiating. It's all about connecting with others, helping them develop the perfect individual ceremony, and then delivering that ceremony with grace. Erin's warmth and kindness is projected through her speaking, making her the perfect person to guide and support you as you declare your love and start on your journey of marriage.